Shark Tank



So one of my favorite humans is going to on one of my favorite shows🤷🏽‍♀️

There are very few people in this industry that genuinely mean it when they say they want to see you succeed and will help anyway they can. After shooting a small part in one of his commercials for his prototype of the terra core years ago he said to me if I ever needed anything let him know. That was the day I met him and soon after he graciously sat down with me for over 2 hours giving me a sort of consultation over my future business plans when I first started career. He said I was ready and knew it before I did. He always took time out of his day whenever I had questions about the industry. His product was the first adult purchase and investment I made in my training career. So when I say this man is genuine I mean it and he has amazing product. This equipment has helped make workouts intense no doubt about it but it’s also helped a lot of injured people. It’s a reflection of who he is. Someone and a product that really helps a lot of people. –

Proud of you friend it’s so awesome to see your equipment world wide. Now you’re pitching it to a bunch of sharks 💪🏾

Tune in peeps

Posted @withrepost • @gymsherpa SUPER DUPER PUMPED to announce we are going to be on SHARK TANK this Sunday 11/17!!! Mark your calendars, set your DVR, and synchronize your watches!

What’s your prediction? Will the sharks love the Terra Core? Will they invest? 🤔🤔🤔 WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! @terracorefitness #terracore #terracorefitness #thefutureoffitness

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